All furniture is unique, with different sizes, shapes and weights.

Thus, not all furniture should be handled the same, especially for shipping. It is with this in mind, that S&S approaches its crating and packing. First, we give each piece our first rate inspection upon arrival or pick-up. Then, each piece is wrapped neatly in clean, new packing materials. Next we size and weigh the piece to determine the best possible means of transportation. If the item is to be boxed, it is packed safely and securely with 4-6 inches of paper completely surrounding the item. If the item needs to be crated, a specific crate is made to the measurements of the piece.

This ensures that the piece is secure and snug in the crate so it won’t move, and you won’t have to pay extra for unnecessary space. The item is carefully surrounded by inch thick foam and cardboard, packed with paper (if necessary), and boarded up securely in either a sturdy wood sealed crate for international shipments or a skeleton crate for domestic destinations.